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If cultural, professional, and linguistic barriers are the locked doors of international travel, then Global Exam gives people the skeleton key. The company's TOEFL and TOEIC classes prepare students to pass the tests they need to prove their English proficiency, with an emphasis on general skills and professional language. English speakers can earn their way abroad as well with prep sessions for the HSK, a Chinese language certification test.

Students get access to nearly 200 practice tests. Depending on whether they'd like to absorb the information or prepare themselves to handle the anxiety of the actual test, folks can switch between training and exam mode. And because language is social, Global Exam connects test-takers to a community of mentors and other students. The software itself even delivers feedback, creating detailed analysis for every test taken. Students can pour through the results on an easy-to-use dashboard that clearly tracks strengths and weaknesses, delivering a quick look at where learners should spend their limited prep time.

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