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When George W. Church Sr. opened a San Antonio fried chicken stand in 1952, he knew the secret to success was going bold. That's why the very first side dish he ever offered was a helping of fiery jalapeño peppers, and that's why the company is still slinging white and dark meat more than 60 years later. Today, those same jalapeños can be squeezed over extra-spicy drumsticks, perfect for those with a blazing-hot palate or steam engine that's all out of fuel. Other side dishes include succulent fried okra, corn on the cob, and baked mac 'n' cheese, helping to make any visit to Church's feel like a backyard barbecue. And the restaurant is constantly updating its menu with new takes on fried chicken sandwiches, such as a flaming-hot buffalo-chicken sandwich and a crispy, buttery Big Tex, served on texas toast with a layer of tangy pickles.

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