About this Business

The Goals
  • Provide guidance and education on safe firearms practices
  • Promote the sport of shooting via safe and cost-effective alternatives to live fire
  • Offer practical, ethical training for outdoorsmen
  • Serve as a training facility where members of law enforcement can fine-tune their skills
The Rentals
  • Firearms with and without recoil
  • Rifle, pistols, and shotguns available
  • Firearm brands include Beretta, Glock 17, Sig Sauer 226, M&P 9/40, AR-15 and others
At a Glance

As the name implies, firearm-simulation systems are Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc.'s specialty. These high-tech systems provide a safe, controlled setting where visitors can receive one-on-one training.

Although all training emphasizes the proper handling and use of firearms, NSTS's cutting-edge simulation offerings are wide ranging. For example, first-time visitors can learn to hone their skills during hunting and military-inspired target-shooting scenarios. Through NSTS's professional program, security, military, and law-enforcement officers can also benefit from firearm-simulation sessions which are tailored to ongoing training needs.

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