About this Business

When we first began iGita we wanted to offer something different; a lifestyle that is accessible to all ages, body types, and abilities. A holistic lifestyle that has brought so much joy to me personally, and it’s millions of practitioners around the world.

Much has changed over the years, but our mission remains: to provide the education and stimulus for positive change. Not just through Hatha yoga, but though all its sister sciences, complimentary practices and therapies.

Our team is a collective of diverse and experienced yoga and fitness instructors, holistic-health practitioners, friends and family who’ve been working together now for close to a decade. We continually support and inspire each other on and off our mats. We share the desire to love and serve our community, doing our best to provide the long-term proven health benefits that yoga and physical fitness provide.

We have gone to great lengths to create a space in which every member will feel welcome and comfortable. It may not look like home, but we aim to make you feel at home while you’re here!

We’re looking very forward to meeting you.


MaureenCo-founder and Team-leader

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