Creative Kids Place, Milton

Creative Kids Place, Milton

About this Business

During their youth workshops and camps, the patient instructors at Creative Kids Place help youngsters spark life-long passions for a wide range of artistic endeavors. Examples of creative classes that participants can attend include:

  • Clay hand-building - during these classes a unique masterpiece is created from raw clay that is sculpted and manually shaped.
  • Pottery painting - these classes feature decorating of a premade pottery piece. Students use special paints to cover its surface with colorful motives, that can, for example, represent nature, or stories known from the tales.
  • T-shirt paintings - being a new fashion creator also requires artistic skills. During these classes, participants can create their own T-shirt featuring a handmade pattern or anything they like - the only limitation is the imagination.

Whether they're bringing life (and stuffing) to new teddy bears, or painting a holiday-themed plate as an unforgettable gift, each student brings home their crafty creations as a physical testament to newfound skills. And for kids celebrating their special day, Creative Kids Place hosts birthday parties with themes ranging from ceramic painting and building bricks to "Stuff a Bear" parties, where each kid gets to stuff and take home their own stuffed animal.

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