1000 Butterflies, Calgary

130-2207 4 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB T2S 1X1 Directions

About this Business

Nearly a century ago, Buddhist monk Mikao Usui ascended the slopes of Mount Kurama to meditate. He stayed for three weeks, and when he came home, he brought with him the basic tenets of a new healing technique called Reiki. This oriental art is based on the practice referred to as hands-on healing. The fully clothed patient lies on a massage table as the therapist works to unclog energy pathways for chi which, according to Reiki practitioners, is a universal life force responsible for emotional and physical well-being.

Promoters of Reiki, such as the owner of 1000 Butterflies, Mary Anne, believes that Reiki healing not only provides a deep feeling of physical and mental relaxation but also can help clients move forward with their lives. With her impressive certification record and warm, helpful personality, Mary Anne has all it takes to help people restore life balance and harmony through the healing power of Reiki.

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1000 Butterflies

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