Indique, Calgary

3829 Bow Trail Southwest, Calgary, AB T3C 2E8 Directions

About this Business

Chefs Mukesh Prasad and Surendra Gagwadi were born in Garhwal, India and learned to cook their native land's cuisine there. So every dish that they prepare at Indique is infused with their knowledge and expertise, as well as the vivid flavors that can always be found in Indian cuisine. When you stop by, try any or all of these delicacies:

  • Appetizers such as vegetable or beef samosas or fish pakora, a boneless fish marinated in Indian spices and fried
  • Tandoori dishes such as malai chicken tikka, marinated and grilled, or kalmi kebabs, which are seasoned, grilled chicken drumsticks
  • Vegetarian entrees such as jeera aloo, potatoes cooked with onion and tomatoes and flavored with cumin, or kadhai paneer, cottage cheese tossed with bell pepper and cooked in onion-tomato gravy
  • Curry, korma, or vindaloo with lamb, beef, or goat
  • Desserts such as kheer rice pudding or mango kulfi

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