Qigong Healing Fitness, Calgary

Suite 206, Calgary, AB T2R 0N7 Directions

About this Business

Qigong Healing Fitness specializes in discovering renewed energy levels, calmness of mind, and improving physical strength and flexibility through a gentle range of motion. Utilizing Qigong healing energy and laser therapy, a team of experts combines ancient and modern knowledge, technology, and wellness practices to ensure clients receive the expected results.

Studio Location: Located just 30 minutes east of Calgary, our enchanting Qigong Healing & Laser Studio is situated in the quaint Hamlet of Cheadle. Enjoy the leisurely drive and leave relaxed, renewed, and rejuvenated. Here we are proud to offer three spaces for your practice and your wellness goals. Nurturing a passion for wellness and guiding our clients and wellness retreats for hands-on integration of a vision of healing and health. To elevate people by creating a sacred space to heal while reaping the many benefits, where ancient healing practices unite with modern Laser therapy.

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Qigong Healing Fitness, Calgary