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When people look to get in shape the sole focus is on burning calories. But for Aaron the approach goes much deeper. To him your body is your temple and if any part of it is unhealthy, out of shape or broken it affects how you feel. To him confidence and happiness are at the forefront of his training. He knows people want to look good but they also want to have fun doing so. He believes people can’t fall in love with burning calories, but they can fall in love with the right kind of exercise - if it can be found.

The class is broken into stages. First there is a toning and sculpting stage combining techniques and moves in yoga, weight training and athletics. This stage also helps rebuild old injuries, rusted joints and the stiffness we all get from age.

The second stage is an extremely aggressive heart pumping session. It is always short and never lasts more than 14 minutes in total. You might think thinks that’s not enough, but once you try one, you’ll see it is tougher than longer workouts. Pulled straight out of the world of sports training these “blasts” as they are called test your mind and your body as you a rush of endorphins shoot through your body.

Combine the two stages and you have one full hour of flexibility, strength and cardio unique to Torch and its program.

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