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Wacky Walks is a royalty-themed scavenger hunt that resembles a board game, in which the power, or control, of the game shifts between players. The only major difference is that instead of a board, participants will be exploring the streets of their city with smartphones in hand. The game starts upon the election of the first King or Queen. His or Her Majesty will then direct the other players to unlock clues to lead them to the next place, answer tricky questions or perform silly tasks, such as posing like apes or ballerinas. A specially designated scavenger hunt app will check if the items found are indeed the ones they were supposed to find and to determine if the completed challenges have been accomplished correctly. The ultimate goal of the scavenger hunt is to find all the items and complete every encountered challenge while having fun with family and friends. Throughout the entire game will not use any means of transport (besides walking). An average game lasts two hours to complete and in case participants get stuck a remote guide will support them.

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