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Although STEMotics is an robotics organization, it doesn't have a complicated, jargon-y mission statement. Instead, its goal is simple: help children explore their potential and develop life skills. By building and programming machines, boys and girls sharpen their mathematical and creative thinking; refine their motor skills; and get a positive, confidence-boosting sense of accomplishment.

Along the way, they learn about STEM-related fields in small class groups (no more than 10 kids) from instructors who have experience in both robotics and working with children. Programs include afterschool and weekend courses, school-break camps, and special competitive teamwork.

  • For ages 5–8: They can build and program both whimsical and functional robots with building-bricks kits, including one that teaches them about renewable energy. Another option is creating animations and games with the MIT-developed Scratch programming language.
  • For ages 9–14: More advanced kits with building bricks allow kids to build robots with sophisticated technical elements. They can work on digital modeling to create 3D-printed objects, or build circuit boards and miniature computers with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other products.
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