Spa Bleü, Delta

Spa Bleü, Delta

About this Business

There is a calm quietness that flows within the dimly lit and cozy therapy rooms of Spa Bleü. By shutting out the noise of the outside world, this hydro-massage and salt bath spa provides guests with an escape, an oasis, and a comfort that is intended to improve their overall health. This spot offer private floating therapy, massages, and facials to give guests peace of mind and body in an environment designed to exude serenity.

  • Floating therapy: Guests wade in a calming pool filled to saturation with epsom salts—for what is usually a 90 minute session—allowing them to float with ease and achieve an overwhelming calm while a tinted blue light washes over their flotation tank.

  • Hydromassage: During a hydromassage, guests control the heat and the pressure of their experience on an interactive touch screen. Jets of cool or hot water pressurize the soft massage bed they lie on for this soothing experience in a private room.

  • Custom and organic facials: Guests receive an all-natural, hydrating facial that uses essential amino acids and organic plant extracts for an environmentally and skin-health conscious experience, or they can allow a specialist to tailor a custom facial to their specific skin type and condition.

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