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About this Business

BreakoutVR closes the gap between fiction and reality with its wide range of virtual reality games. More than 42 imaginative and fantastical worlds and scenarios, from first-person and multi-player to simulation and horror, are open for players to jump right into using advanced virtual reality entertainment systems. The HTC Vive headset, for instance, includes stunning graphics, HD haptic feedback, and 360-degree motion tracking, making for a completely immersive experience, as well as offers real-time environment movement and interaction.

Here's a sample of some of what BreakoutVR has to offer:

  • Arizona Sunshine: players handle weapons with real-life movements as they explore the Grand Canyon state in the midst of the zombie apocalypse
  • A Chair in a Room: as Patient No. 6079, John Doe, players must investigate hidden clues and their own psyche to learn how they came to be institutionalized at The Greenwater Institute
  • Halp!: after a scavenger pirate captain crash lands on an alien world, players must help him and his crew repair their broken ship before the spaceworms invasion
  • The Visitor: a dark environment and visual cues such as flickering lights put players in a nerve-wracking position as they try to survive after a stranger comes to their door in the middle of the night

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Breakout VR - Edmonton, Edmonton

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