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Every room-escape scenario at Smarty Pantz is carefully crafted. Rooms are decorated with the meticulous eye of a Hollywood set designer and games are hosted by character actors. SmartyPantz offers theatrical & Games are backed by story, purpose & logic supported by host actors. All of this detail helps draw players in, setting the stage for their daring escape.

  • Spies and Lies: The Second World War has just ended, but you and your fellow RCMP special agents still have a job to do. A Nazi spy has been discovered on Canadian soil, and your only lead is a crooked private eye. To find the war criminal you'll have to find a way into the PI's office, puzzle your way to the spy's secret location, and make it out undetected.
  • Dream'scape: Down is up and up is the distant scent of familiarity in this surreal escape scenario. Caught in a terrible dream, you'll have to interpret strange clues and crack cryptic codes, lest you never wake up.
  • Morning Never Comes: Legend has it that anyone who explores the house on the hill doesn't live to tell the tale, but that silly ghost won't stop your team of paranormal investigators. However, when the door locks behind it's clear something's not quite right. With just 45 minutes before the witching hour, you'll have to swallow your fears to figure a way out of this spooky situation.
  • Thirst for Murder: You awaken to find yourself literally shackled in a dank basement. Your deranged host, Beetle, has made it quite clear that you're next up on the chopping block. He's convinced that your blood is the key to his eternal life, a theory he's all but ready prove if you can find your way out. Note: This horror-themed room is not for the faint of heart.

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