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The year was 1959, the place was La Gacilly village in Brittany, France, and the moment was the beginning of a new era in botanical cosmetics and perfume. In the attic of his family home, a young Yves Rocher began formulating fragrances, makeup, and skincare products from skin-nourishing plants. For his entire tenure at the head of the beauty empire, the late Rocher insisted on taking personal control of the production cycle in order to guarantee the quality and ensure traceability.

Today, the company stays true to his ideals while embracing new technology. Now, for instance, Yves Rocher relies on its 150 researchers to explore the compounds that provide visible beauty results.

Yves Rocher enhances the earth through its Plant for the Planet program, which supports over 20 planting sites in collaboration with well-established NGOs.

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