NEB By Jessica, Toronto

100 Lower Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON M6J 0A7 Directions

About this Business

Jessica Mena specializes in professional eyelash lift and tint. With her vast experience, she can be called "an eyelash and eyebrow scientist". Jessica adds tint to the lash lift procedure in order to enhance client's lash length and give them the look of all-day mascara. What's more, she uses measurements based on the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio as the foundation of her art and design.

Except for eyelash lift and tint, the aesthetician offers highly-realistic semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Jessica uses microblading techniques to apply high-quality ink into the dermis layer of the skin. She meticulously draws each individual hair, creating a 3D effect that lasts between six months and three years.

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NEB By Jessica, Toronto