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About this Business

What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition?

At Recover U Technologies and Services Inc we take a natural approach to health. We use the Bio-oxidative Therapies (ozone and ozone steam sauna) in a combination with Pulsating Electromagnetic Field therapies. Ozone steam sauna allows a person to sweat out toxins and greatly increases the oxygen level of all your cells simultaneously. It also combats inflammation, strengthens the immune system. Ozone is the most bioactive form of oxygen. The active oxygen is easily absorbed into the skin and lymphatic system. This provides excellent detoxification but the effects are not limited to detoxification.The ozone sauna session relaxes muscles, helps with aches and pains, and increases your energy levels. Many women say that it helps get rid of cellulite and stretch marks, as well as menstrual cramps. It can help to heal injuries faster than normal. It's great for skin problems. If you're sick with a cold or a flu, your body creates a fever to "cook" invading viruses and bacteria to make them harmless. Ozone sauna treatments are so powerful that they are being used as vital co-treatments in cancer patients, Lyme patients, and many autoimmune diseases. With every droplet of sweat, your body rids itself of chemical impurities as your skin takes the oxygen into your cells. Ozone Steam Sauna sessions are complemented by PEMF therapy's restorative properties. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. PEMF enhances circulation and optimizes all body's cellular functions. PEMF therapy's pulses can alleviate ailments from slow-healing fractures in bone to depression.

What was the inspiration to start or run this business?

We have grown increasingly concerned about the rising rate of chronic illness in our society. Its impact on our overburdened health care system will only increase over time. From an aging population with increasing rates of dementia and Alzheimer's too alarming numbers of children with autism and other developmental disorders to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and superbugs breeding in hospitals, the threats to public health are many. At the same time, we feel a renewed sense of optimism now that ozone therapy is making a comeback in North America.

What do you love most about your job?

Provide clients with a scientifically proven therapy which provide advanced treatment of common symptoms, illness, autoimmune disease and can inhibit cancer cell growth. It also works as a beauty treatment, athletic enhancement and overall improvement of health.

What is the best reaction you've ever gotten from a customer?

For the past 5 months, I've been going for ozone steam therapy. The reason is that I've had major breathing issues since I was little (asthma now was gone), skin allergies due to leaky gut syndrome (almost all healed) and chronic fatigue (way better) due to lack of oxygen in my body. Getting ozone therapy has helped me feel better all around and detoxing my body of toxic metals due to 20 years of hairstyling and lifestyle. The sauna steam infused with ozone for 30 minutes, and as a result of it, you can see the metals and toxins on my towel. I take action on my health now.

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Recover U Technologies and Services Inc