Walter Psotka Photography, Scarborough

190 Phyllis Ave, Scarborough, ON M1M 1Y8 Directions

About this Business

Like a flower and a honeybee or Fabio and the tiny birds who clean his hair, the relationship between Walter Psotka and his camera is mutually symbiotic—one seems unable to exist without the other. He began his career as a freelance still photographer for Global TV, and before long he was serving as chairperson of the Professional Photographers of Ontario and running his own studio. Armed with decades of experience, he requests a pre-shoot consultation with his clients in order to capture their essence into a tiny vial and splash it onto film. During his interactive workshops, Walter can explain the nuances of natural light, along with delving into questions such as "What are the buttons on the digital camera I received as a Christmas gift?," "What kind of digital camera should I buy?," and "What is the most flattering angle for shooting a walrus?"

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Walter Psotka Photography