8 Glasses Of Water, Vancouver

1028 E22nd Ave., Vancouver, BC V5V 1W3 Directions

About this Business

Glasses of Water is a source of help for you if: You’re looking to improve your health & wellness and your life. You know some of the things that you need to do for that, but you want to learn more without having to go to the bottom of the internet. - You’ve tried many diets in your life and wanted to improve your lifestyle habits, but couldn’t do it alone. You hope there must be a better and easier way to lose weight and have more energy without having to count your calories. You want to be here on Earth on the long run, healthy and sane, cause you’ve got a whole lot to live for. You want to live a successful life. It’s also a great place for me, Steluta Leu - the person behind this funny-catchy brand, to show off my knowledge about food, nutrition & how you can lose weight while eating great, exercising – think push-ups & yoga, sleep, stress management, mindfulness & meditation, changing habits and how the brain works. But that’s great for you, cause I’ve got all the bases covered for your health & wellness. And by the way, you're in really good hands, as I am a professional coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I'm also a certified health coach and yoga and meditation teacher, having supported a lot of people all over the world to improve their health and wellness and, ultimately their lives. I'm sitting on the board of ICF Vancouver Charter Chapter, and I've been by named in the Influence Digest Top 21 Coaches In Vancouver In 2021 for my coaching programs which help women who are stuck in challenging situations.

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8 Glasses Of Water, Vancouver