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With this breakthrough technology, we’ll measure the body’s energy field to define the body's health status. A stronger energy field means you are protected from any bugs (Viruses, Bacteria, parasites, Fungi, Yeast) or maladies, and a weaker energy field means, you are vulnerable. When we experience pain, stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, our biofield is out of balance, reinforcing our natural energy can reinforce our physical and mental performance. Positive energy flows bring vitality, and negative fields of energy obstructed energy flow and cause an imbalance in the energy system which leads to diseases.

Does it work? Yes, since it is all based on thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine, meridian, and five elements of knowledge. It can predict long before any harm may happen and allow professional doctors to take care of it. Please be aware that our goal is not to treat people, not to be a part of modern medicine but, to help people who need help. Since we can define the problem beforehand, it means, that if we define the level of energy, stress, anxiety, and balance of systems and organs, we can help people to be helped, and this is our goal.

When this energy field is clear, healthy, and free from any blockage, then the living person is healthy. Any blockage within the energy field of a person influences physical, emotional, and mental life. You are vulnerable if you have holes or breaks in your energy field. You are protected when you have a strong energy field, and no bugs can penetrate it, it is your protective shield.

WHAT THIS CAMPAIGN INCLUDED: The fingers describe many parameters related to the area, energy, intensity, and others. When we take a reading, the camera takes it in blue, black, and white colors, and then applied it to different colors of the spectrum mapped as an image. It describes the finger images of energy deficiency or energy excess or both as holes and breakage of the spectrum.

Option 1 - The analysis started with using this powerful Visualization Technology, powerful imaging that captures photons given off by each finger. It will illustrate the state of a person’s energy field when a scan is taken (60min).

Option 2 - Light Therapy with Red-Light (60 min).

Please be aware that cancellation of an appointment in less than 24 hours will be charged in full.

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