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74 Costello Drive, Winnipeg, MB R2Y 1W7 Directions

About this Business

100% Mobile Service

Professionally owned and operated, we bring professional application of LED Cool Blue Light teeth whitening to you. Get a whiter, brighter smile in the privacy and comfort of your own home! *Applicable to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and up to 25 km from city center.

Real Results

We use all natural, dental-grade, and water-based, hydrogen-peroxide gel. This means you get dental-quality teeth whitening results without the outrageous prices (500-1000!), and in a fraction of the time without ever having to visit the dentist office.

No Trays, No Strips, Less Mess

With our LED light technology you will see results in 1 appointment. We do not use trays because the LED light cannot penetrate the tray, and will, therefore, compromise the teeth whitening effect. 

Who can (or cannot) undergo whitening treatment?

Ivory Essence Professional Teeth Whitening can produce dramatic whitening results for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth. This includes people with teeth that have been stained by smoking, coffee, tea or natural aging.

People that have had braces removed should wait 6 months for cement residue to wear off before teeth whitening treatment.

This treatment CANNOT be used by pregnant women, people under the age of 15, people with gum disease, open cavities, leaking fillings, or other dental conditions, or people with a known allergy to peroxide and/or to aloe vera.

Will my crowns and veneers whiten?

Peroxide gel will not whiten (nor damage) dental work such as artificial teeth, caps, crowns, veneers, porcelain, composite or other restorative materials. Additionally, teeth that have spots due to tetracycline use (greyish tint) or fluorosis, will not whiten.

What are the spots/streaks on my teeth after whitening?

Some customers may develop white spots or streaks on their teeth due to calcium deposits that naturally occur in teeth. These spots are NOT caused by the peroxide gel. The gel just brings the already existing calcium deposits out and makes them visible again. These usually diminish over time.

Will my teeth be sensitive after whitening?

Although uncommon, some customers (people with existing sensitivity, or other dental conditions that cause sensitivity) can experience some tooth sensitivity during the first 24 hours after the whitening treatment. In such cases, it's recommend to use a sensitivity toothpaste. People with severe existing sensitivity should refrain from teeth whitening procedures. 

Should I have my teeth cleaned before my whitening?

It is not necessary to have your teeth cleaned right before your whitening, however, visible tartar can block the penetration of the LED light and whitening gel thus decreasing the whitening effect. 

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