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When you're at Mask Escapes, remember this: the clock is always ticking. In each of their interactive experiences, participants are locked in a room with just an hour on the clock to use their wits and whatever else they can find to crack codes and escape the room. Here's a look at some of the interactive experiences Mask Escapes offers:

  • Global Extinction: After a personal tragedy strikes, a mad scientist creates a supervirus that's powerful enough to kill every human on the planet. In just one hour, the virus will launch, unless you and your team crack the code and abort the launch. (4 to 10 players)
  • The Mask of Time: The Mask of Time is thought by some to provide health, wealth, and immortality to any who wear it, and an eccentric billionaire will do anything to harness its power. You and your team have just one hour to steal the mask and claim your $25 million reward. (4 to 10 players)
  • The Cabin: You're hiking deep in the forest, when a vicious storm hits and you rush into a small cabin for refuge. You quickly realize you're trapped in the cabin of a serial killer, and have activated a bomb set to kill any intruders and destroy the evidence of his crimes. You and your team must now disarm the bomb to avoid becoming his next victims. (2 to 4 players)
  • Roll The Bones: Winning big at an underground casino, you've turned $300 into $1.4 Million. When it's time to cash out, they shut the casino down and tell you that The Boss will have to take care of a payout this big personally. You know you're in danger when you overhear one of the guards laugh and say, "You think The Boss is going to pay these guys in lead like he did the last big winners?" You have to find a way out of there before your luck runs out for good. (4 to 10 players)

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