You have most certainly heard about rafting, a well-known thrilling water sport, where you descend a wild river in a rubber raft. Wooden rafting, however, is a calm and pleasant rowing tour down the river, where you may come across some strong currents and must keep the raft well-balanced, so you will not fall in the water. Hence the thrill of it. With the coupons Groupon has got for you on wooden rafting in Montreal, you can now check it out for yourself. Try wooden rafting in Montreal at a much lower cost than usual with our coupons. You will easily find in Montreal wooden rafting tours at a water sports club or a travel agency. Get your coupons for wooden rafting in Montreal, and check our site for all the leisure offers we currently have for you.

Wooden rafting in Montreal - have fun with your family at low cost!

Take your family on a wooden rafting tour in Montreal for an accessible price, with the coupons Groupon has got for you. Have fun with your family rowing a wooden raft down the river in Montreal, with savings worth up to 70 percent. In Montreal, wooden rafting tours are organised and supervised by a team of experienced water sports professional trainers. If you like trying new experiences all the time, keep checking our site for coupons on leisure offers, since it is constantly being updated.

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