Health & Fitness coupons in Westmount

3, 6 or 9 Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments at Las-Hair Clinic (Up to 91% Off)

Las-Hair Clinique
Montréal - Las-Hair Clinique

The clinic, located in downtown Montreal, has been around for 16 years; Zoom gel with 35% hydrogen peroxyde

C$250 C$29

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5 or 10 Hot Yoga Classes for One or Two at Dama Yoga (Up to 82% Off)

Dama Yoga

5 or 10 hot yoga classes to improve flexibility, strength and sleep quality, reduce stress and promote weight loss

C$95 C$25

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5, 10 or 20 Group Dance Classes of Your Choice at Centre de danse Ballroom Danceport inc. (Up to 83% Off)

Centre de danse Ballroom Danceport inc.
Centre Ballroom Dance Sport

Several group dance styles are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced such as tango, samba, bachata and more

C$105 C$25

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Your Choice of 10 Martial Arts or Fitness Classes for One or Two at Apex Martial Arts (86% Off)

Apex Arts Martiaux

Kickboxing, Muay Thai, jujitsu or strength fitness classes taught by experienced trainers in a friendly environment

C$200 C$29

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1-, 3-, 6-Month or 1-Year Gym Membership with Consultation by a Personal Trainer at Le Gym (Up to 61% Off)


This large fitness centre, open 7 days/week, offers the latest in cardio and weight-training machines, and a wide choice of group classes

C$49.99 C$22

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$29 for a Complete Foot Care Treatment at Montpetit Pied Podiatry Clinic ($55 Value)

Montpetit pied

Pedicure and foot treatment including nail trimming, callus removal, foot massage, and the treatment of afflictions like foot fungus

C$55 C$29

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10 or 20 Yoga Classes for One or Two at Surya Montréal (Up to 89% Off), 3 Locations

Surya Montreal
Multiple Locations

Adapted to your capacities and needs, these yoga classes aim to balance energy and release build-up emotional and physical tensions

C$230 C$29

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$129 for Seven Lipocavitation Sessions (Up to $2,380 Value), 26 Locations in Quebec

Beautifly Studio - Spa
Multiple Locations

Non-invasive treatment to eliminate the appearance of cellulite and firm the skin; 26 locations throughout the province

C$1,050 C$129

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$29.99 for $250 Toward Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses with Correction Lenses at Ovu & Osu Opticien

Ovu et Osu

Vast selection of trendy brands such as Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Burberry and more, advised by an experienced staff; insurance receipt available 

C$250 C$29.99

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$120- or $300-Voucher Valid for Prescription or Non-Prescription Eyeglasses or Sunglasses at Centre Visuel Westmount

Centre Visuel Westmount

Big-name designer frames from an eye care centre serving customers for over 50 years; external prescriptions accepted

C$120 C$19

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5, 7 or 9 Lipocavitation, Radio Frequency, or Anti-Cellulite Sessions at Centre de Santé et Beauté (87% Off)

Centre de santé et Beauté
Multiple Locations

These non-invasive treatments help reduce hard fat and cellulite, in addition to firm the skin; 2 locations available in Montréal

C$750 C$99.99

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Laser Treatments for Hair Rejuvenation at Spa EGO Capillary Clinic (Up to 67% Off), 2 Locations Available

Clinique Capillaire Spa EGO
Multiple Locations

Non-chirurgical treatment for men and women rejuvenates hair by giving it volume, density and health; in Montréal or Laval

C$380 C$139

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5, 7 or 9 Sessions of Lipocavitation at Studio Vanity (Up to 75% Off)

Studio Vanity
Longueuil - Studio Vanity

This painless technology helps reduce fat and cellulite to improve the appearance of the skin and slim the figure

C$375 C$99

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Voucher For a Pair of Prescription or Non-Prescription Glasses or Sunglasses at Boregard Eyewear (Up to 90% Off)

Lunetterie Boregard

Wide selection of frames with anti-glare and scratch-resistant lenses; 25% discount off the purchase of a second pair

C$100 C$19

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$99 for a Golf Package for Two with Cart at Fairmont Le Château Montebello ($232 Value)

Golf au Fairmont le Château Montebello

Renowned golf course featuring dramatic elevation changes and superb scenery; driving range available

C$232 C$99

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$16 or $26 for Up to 75% Off a Chiropractic Care Package at the Clinique Chiropratique St-Martin

Clinique chiropratique st-martin (3 succursale)

Chiropractic care to maintain good health; performed by qualified and certified chiropractors and massage therapists


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Entry to the 5K Polar Hero Race (Up to 56% Off), 4 Dates and 4 Locations

Dead End Race
Multiple Locations

Mid-winter, 25-obstacle Polar Hero Race with a medal, custom photos and hot drinks included

C$79.95 C$35

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30- or 60-Minute Session of Reflexology for the Feet at the Clinique Jouvence (Up to 51% Off)

Clinique Jouvence
Terrebonne - Clinique Jouvence

The qualified staff of this Terrebonne salon stimulate self-healing by applying pressure to specific points on the feet

C$35 C$19

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Botulinum Acid Injection or Hyaluronic Acid Injection at Dermaveda (Up to 59% Off), 21 Locations Available

Multiple Locations

Injection to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines at any one of 21 professional beauty centres

C$180 C$89

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Smoking Cessation Laser Therapy at Thérapie Laser (Up to 50% Off), 7 Clinics Available

Thérapie Laser
Multiple Locations

Painless treatment that helps you to quit smoking and reduce the symptoms this causes; includes consultation and program explanation

C$250 C$139

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"On s'envoie en l'air" Package of 3 or 6 Descents for One or Two with (Up to 44% Off)
Multiple Locations

Descend from the skies face-forward along the urban wall of your choice for a guaranteed adrenaline rush

C$149.99 C$89

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$59.99 for One Session of Pure Image Teeth Whitening with Consultation ($299.99 Value), 22 Locations

Pure Image Canada
Multiple Locations

60-minute session to help eliminate wine, coffee, smoking, and age-related stains; 22 locations throughout Quebec

C$299.99 C$59

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Membership Card Featuring Unlimited Golf Lessons and One Private Lesson at Golf In Brossard (84% Off)

Golf In Brossard
Secteur A

All the benefits of unlimited golf lessons throughout the 2017 season, including one private lesson

C$305 C$49

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LED Teeth Whitening for One or Two at Omega Laser (Up to 82% Off), 8 Locations Available

Omega Laser
Multiple Locations

This complete treatment whitens teeth by 12 to 20 shades using a peroxide-based gel and state-of-the-art equipment

C$299 C$59

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Three or Six Anti-Cellulite Lipo-Cavitation Sessions at Silhouette Élégance (Up to 81% Off)

Silhouette Élégance
Québec - Silhouette Élégance

Lipo-cavitation is a non-invasive slimming technique using ultrasounds to reduce the volume of resistant fat cells

C$390 C$89

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3, 6 or 9 Teeth Whitening Treatments at Salon Důvěra (Up to 91% Off)

Salon Důvěra
Montréal - Salon Duvera

Teeth whitening over one, two or three visits to eliminate stains caused by coffee, tobacco, wine, aging and more

C$250 C$29

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1 Month Unlimited or 10 Yoga Classes for One or Two at Studio Prema Yoga (Up to 83% Off)

Studio Prema Yoga
Secteur 7

Variety of yoga classes including yoga core & abs, meditation, therapeutic yoga and Hatha yoga; smoothie bar and tea room on-site

C$125 C$35

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$35 for 6 Hot or Traditional Yoga Sessions, Bootcamp or More at Yoga Bikram Nomade ($108 Value)

Bikram Yoga Dix30

Range of classes in a new expanded yoga centre with a carpet-less hot yoga room; 30% discount on subscriptions

C$108 C$35

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5 or 10 Infratherapy Session or Collagen Treatments at Clinique Beauté Lasoderme (Up to 80% Off)

Clinique Beauté Lasoderme

Infratherapy helps eliminate toxins and burn calories, while collagen improves the appearance of the skin

C$250 C$59

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18-Hole Golf Round for Two or Four with a Golf Cart and Beers at Club de Golf Mont Saint-Grégoire (Up to 53% Off)

Club de Golf Mont Saint-Grégoire

Executive pars 3 & 4 course for all-level golfers and restaurant with a terrace to sip on a 12-oz. draft beer

C$85 C$42

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5 or 10 Striptease, Pole Dancing or Sexyforms Fitness Classes for One or Two at Z28 Dance School (Up to 68% Off)

Studio Z28 Montreal Striptease

Classes in small groups for women of all ages that develop muscular strength, flexibility and creativity; 2 studios in Montreal

C$125 C$49

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Three, Six or Nine All-Natural Slimming Treatments at SpaViva (Up to 91% Off), 2 Locations

Multiple Locations

At one of the two Montreal locations, the spa uses natural techniques to help lose weight

C$738 C$89

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1, 2, 3 or 4 Hypnotherapy Sessions at Santé For Me (Up to 69% Off)

Santé For Me
Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

This therapy get to the root of the problem to create changes; to quit smoking, heal emotional wounds, overcome phobias and more

C$80 C$29

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5, 7 or 9 Lipocavitation Sessions at Salon Důvěra (Up to 88% Off)

Salon Důvěra
Montréal - Salon Duvera

This painless technology helps to dislodge fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite to sculpt your figure

C$750 C$99

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Blue-LED Teeth Whitening Packages or Application of a Swarovski Crystal with Pure Image Canada (Up to 83% Off)

Pure Image Canada

30 or 40 minutes of blue-LED light teeth whitening to help remove typical dental stains; application of a Swarovski crystal

C$79 C$39

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1 or 2 Basic or Advanced Consultations with a Naturopath at the Clinique Vitalus (Up to 76% Off)

Clinique Vitalus

Alternative medicine to address imbalance in the body by natural methods; includes personalized treatment based on the patient’s health

C$115 C$29

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Sessions of LPG Lipomassage or Lipocavitation at Clinique Myo-Endermique Chantal Lapointe (Up to 86% Off)

Clinique Myo-Endermique Chantal Lapointe
Saint-Janvier (Mirabel) - Clinique Myo-Endermique Chantal Lapointe

Lipomassage or lipocavitation techniques to reduce the appearance of cellulite, from a certified naturopath and massage therapist

C$270 C$89

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Five or Seven Anti-Cellulite Lipocavitation Sessions at Studio Couleur Bronze et Spa Ixora (Up to 88% Off)

Studio Couleur Bronze et Spa Ixora
Plaza Curé-Labelle - Studio Couleur Bronze et Spa Ixora

The non-invasive sessions of around 30 minutes reduce the appearance of fat and firm the skin of the targeted area

C$750 C$99

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1 or 2 Months of Combat Sports or Cross-Training Classes at Titans Academy (Up to 77% Off)

Offre Fitness Nationale

Thai boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing or military-style Cross-Training in a recently renovated 8,000-sq. ft. centre near Crémazie metro station

C$140 C$39

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$99 for 5 i-Lipo Anti-Cellulite Treatments at Ligne et Détente ($1,050 Value)

Ligne et Détente

Painless treatment aiming to reduce fat and stimulate collagen production to improve skin texture without surgery

C$1,050 C$99

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1, 2 or 3 Varicose Vein and Brown Spot IPL Treatment at Laser Derma Pure (Up to 75% Off), 4 Locations

Laser Derma Pure Inc. (multi-succursales)
Multiple Locations

Non-surgical pulsed light treatment to reduce the appearance of varicose veins, sun spots, brown spots, etc.

C$250 C$69

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1, 2 or 3 Varicose-Vein or Skin Pigment Laser Treatments at Vivaderme (Up to 75% Off), 9 Clinics

Multiple Locations

Treatments that reduce varicose veins, sun spots or other pigmented lesions; consultation and evaluation included

C$250 C$69

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2 or 4 Hours of Golf for Two or Four with Optional Beer at Golf Virtuel Belœil (Up to 52% Off)

Golf Virtuel Beloeil

Rain or shine, practice your swing with the Trugolf E6 technology, a simulator employed by the some of greatest golfers such as Tiger Woods

C$60 C$30

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Chiropractic Care Package with Optional Massage at the Centre chiropratique de la santé vertébrale (Up to 92% Off)

Centre Chiropratique de la Santé Vertébrale

Chiropractic care performed by Dr Jasmin R. Pitre, chiropractor D.C. to care for your health; optional massage by certified therapists

C$252 C$20

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1-, 3- or 6-Month Membership for One or Two including Personal Training at Le Gym CMS (Up to 69% Off)

Le Gym CMS

The latest cardio and muscle-building equipment and 1 hour of personal training in a large gym open 7 days

C$90 C$29

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5 or 10 CrossFit Classes for One or Two at CF Mirabel (Up to 84% Off)

CF Mirabel

An intense and inspiring workout for everyone that includes Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular exercise

C$100 C$19

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1 Month of Unlimited Yoga Classes for One or Two at Bikram Yoga Boucherville (Up to 79% Off)

Bikram Yoga Boucherville

Yoga at hot or moderate temperatures to tone, detox, strengthen and flex the body, to reduce stress or improve sleep

C$140 C$35

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3, 5 or 8 Sessions of Anti-Cellulite Lipomassage at the Institut de beauté Marshall (Up to 88% Off)

Institut de beauté Marshall

This non-surgical, anti-cellulite treatment helps to firm the skin especially in areas of stubborn fatty tissue

C$450 C$79

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Laser Fungus Removal Treatment for One or Two Feet at Elite Laser (Up to 69% Off)

Elite Laser

In a relaxing Westmount salon, this quick and painless treatment removes fungal infections using the heat from the laser

C$450 C$149

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