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Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning from Clean-O-Max (Up to 44% Off)


Cleaning of interior and exterior windows, rails, frames and insect guards from a company with over 10 years of experience

C$79.99 C$45

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Residential Ventilation System Cleaning Package with Air Pur Solutions (Up to 62% Off)

Air Pur Solutions

Complete cleaning of 10 ventilation duct exits or fewer, disinfection, and air return screen cleaning

C$200 C$79

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Sustainable Acacia Wood Personalized Cutting Board from PhotobookShop (Up to 81% Off)


These solid wood cutting boards from sustainably-managed forests are engraved with a personalized message for a thoughtful gift

C$99.95 C$19

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Professional Cleaning Services for a House or Appartement by O'net Cleaning (Up to 54% Off)

O'net Cleaning

Professional home cleaning services for a 1 1/2 or house, including cleaning of floors, bathroom, cabinetry, doors, and more

C$89.99 C$42

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$79 for a Professional Air-Duct Cleaning by Québecair-Plus ($219 Value)


Evacuation of accumulated dust and germs by vacuum/pulsing cleaning done by certified technicians

C$219 C$79

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Furniture and Carpet Steam Cleaning at Home from Rex Guard (59% Off)

Rex Guard

Effective steam cleaning solution to get rid of tough stains and persistent odors lingering in your furniture

C$95 C$49

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$149 for a Cleaning of a Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit (Heat Pump) with Rousso Climatisation ($299 Value)

Rousso Climatisation

Economic and lasting solution to ensure bacteria- and mold-free air conditioning

C$299 C$149

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Cleaning of an RV, Car, Carpet or 1, 2 or 3 Furniture Items with Nettoyage C Woolman (Up to 66% Off)

Nettoyage C Woolman
North Shore of Montreal

Cleaning of furniture, a car or a recreational vehicle measuring 40 ft. or less; disinfectant included

C$100 C$49

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Home Carpet and Furniture Cleaning from Service de Nettoyage Scentral (Up to 66% Off)

Service de Nettoyage Scentral

High-pressure steam cleaning using bio products to eliminate dirt, germs and odour from carpets and furniture; Montreal and surrounding area

C$120 C$49

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$499 for a Hydronic Heating System Cleaning including up to 10 Radiators from Groupe Climaclean ($875 Value)

Groupe Climaclean
South Shore of Montreal

This cleaning extends these devices’ lifetimes, while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

C$875 C$499

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Heat Pump Cleaning with or without Filters from Climatisation ARM (Up to 55% Off)

Climatisation ARM

Maintenance services for a central heat pump from experienced professionals

C$219.99 C$99

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$79 for a Complete Chimney Sweeping with Pros-Rénovation ($179.95 Value)


Chimney sweeping is essential maintenance to reduce the risk of fire and suffocation

C$179.95 C$79

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